Lose Your Virginity

How to Lose Your Virginity without Pain (Girls)

Losing your virginity can feel like the scariest things in your life. With the many myths about losing virginity being peddled around, making this step is usually confusing to most girls. While penetrative sex does not always have to be painful, at least some discomfort is expected if your virginity is still intact. Bear in mind the fact that women are often stimulated by mental and emotional sensations. It is therefore important that you first take time to prepare yourself before you get into the act.

In addition to physical and mental preparation, here are other ways to prepare to lose your virginity without pain:  

Be Comfortable with Your Sexuality

Most girls are anxious about what will happen once they open up their legs. However, feeling nervous will only limit your experience. To be comfortable with your sexuality, start by reading materials on losing virginity. These include books, blogs and magazines. This will enable you to know what to expect and ease the anxiety.

Understanding the anatomy of your body is very important in determining what you like. It also enables you to express it to your partner so that you can both have an amazing experience. Pay attention to your response towards different touches and sensations. You can also try masturbation to clearly understand your body.

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